Brewed fresh in the heart of the Rocky Mountains using the highest quality organic ingredients. Kombucha has never tasted this good... the difference is HONEY... Dragonfly Jun is a Green Tea and Honey Jun-Kombucha. 


Jun or ʤʊn/“Xun” is an effervescent fermented health tonic similar to Kombucha. Most Kombucha is made with black tea and refined sugar... Dragonfly Jun is brewed with organic Green Tea and local Colorado honey. Jun is often referred to as the "champagne of cultured beverages." 

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Bring Jun to your restaurant or home. Offering Jun is a wonderful way to diversify your beverage menu with a tart, sweet, effervescent and sophisticated flavor that is not only delicious- but has an impressive list of health benefits.

"You might have noticed something different on the drink menu—and not the latest fruit-infused IPA or mescal cocktail. More and more restaurants, are adding kombucha to their menus, and customers are eagerly drinking it up." (Discover San Diego)

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